Take your “before photo” right now.

No judgment. No bad feelings. No mental beat ups.

It begins by determining what you want to change and by how much.

If you want to get debt free, but you owe $62,000, then that’s your before photo.

If you want to lose twenty-five pounds and you weigh 214.2, then that’s your before photo.

Take the snap shot. Face the reality.

Now change the behavior.

What created the $62,000 in debt? How did you get to 214.2? Stop doing those things and start saying, “That was before.”

A friend points out a great deal on a new gadget. You shiver. The impulse rises. Your voice quakes, but you get it out, “That was before.”

You pass your favorite calorie splurge. Your mouth waters. Your hands being to spin the steering wheel around in shock. You swallow and force out, “That was before.”

Finally, replace bad with good.

Every time you want to impulse spend say, “This is now,” and take the amount of that purchase and put it toward your debt.

Every time you want combo #3 extra large say, “This is now,” and run or walk a mile instead.

Take the before photo. Change the behavior. Replace bad with good.

“That was before. This is now.”