“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Earl Nightingale.

Success doesn’t define you; you define it.

You decide. You choose. You select.

You deem the worth.

Resist the urge to look around and quantify the success of others. Fight the attraction to their success. Banish those feelings that cause you to covet.

Blank sheet. Clean slate.

Define your success. Designate your worthy ideal.

Do you want to…

Become a better mom or dad by being more available and present for your children?

Become a better employer by providing bonuses or surprises to your employees?

Lose that last 10 pounds?

Downsize your cost of living and move toward the minimal?

Write three thank you notes a day?

Love in spite of the risk?

It needs only be worthy. It needs only be yours.

Then progress.



Great strides aren’t always required.

Progressive. Steady. Dependable.

A worthy ideal.