This is weird to write…

It’s OK to be educated.

If you graduated high school – good for you!

If you went to college – good for you!

If you got your masters – good for you!

If you got your doctorate – good for you!

We live in a time when going to school gets slammed for some reason. You have probably seen the videos of people bragging about being “millionaires” even though they dropped out of school.

Or how about those who whine about “spending $60,000 on an education to get a $15 an hour job.”

These statements and others like them demean the value of education. IF the only value in education is how much you earn then it’s the wrong measure. IF the only value is getting the job you want, then it’s the wrong measure.

The promise of education is this… one is promised to become knowledgable in a field of study. Some fields require this level of study. Others do not. Regardless the “system” did not fail. The system did what it was designed to do – prepare someone to enter a field if they happen to find work there.

To the teachers, the professors, the academics – thank you for preparing those of us honored enough to recognize education for what it is… the knowledge and practice to have the opportunity to work in a chosen field if a door is open. Because without the education it would not matter how wide or open the door.