We all have ideas, concepts, and principles with which we feel the entire world should agree.

If not. The world is wrong.

People etch hard lines in the concrete and they better not be crossed. If they are then there will be a post, or an unfriending, or a block. Possible a march or a protest. Banners held high with cruel statements in an effort to prove right over wrong.

We live in a world of ultra sensitive activism. This is across the board. It shows up in every arena. From politics to personality type. From fitness to finances.

If we are going to become and remain mentally healthy we just can’t be bothered by differences that we magnify and multiply.

  1. Accept that how another person views the world may be just as valid as yours.
  2. Consider the damage your response could do when you attempt to “help them understand.”
  3. Realize that your world and the world are not the same.

Today and from this day forward focus on the positive. Be less reactive and more proactive in spreading peace and love.