This next 6 months can be different if you and I will just set better goals for current times.

Every year, millions of people make promises to themselves about how the year will be different and better than the last. They set goals only to fail to reach them. In fact, most goals are discarded within six weeks. This year who would blame anyone for the abandonment?

Here’s how to set better goals in the time of social distancing and an unknown future…

#1 Set shorter goals.

Most goals do not take a year to accomplish, yet people automatically use that time frame. How long will it actually take to reach a goal like, “Lose 10 pounds?” It doesn’t take a year. It can certainly be done within two months. And it’s much easier to focus on two months rather than twelve. Determine the shortest amount of time required to reach your goal and set it for that.

#2 Set wiring goals.

How are you wired? Do you start fast then fade? Are you slow and steady? By setting goals that match your personal makeup, you will reach more of them and stay on track. These times can be the hardest on extroverts. If you need interaction to fuel you, then set goals with others. Spend time daily in conversation or virtual get-togethers.

#3 Set partner goals.

Going it alone is tough for almost everyone. Get a partner and set goals together. Create an accountability schedule and consequences when either of you does not follow through.

Having already mentioned extroverts, the introvert may struggle with this one. Isolation may be the preferred lifestyle. You need to force yourself to have accountable contact.

#4 Set stronger goals.

You’ve heard the saying, “Shoot for the stars and you will hit the moon.” That works for some folks, but not for most of us because the stars seem so far away. However, think about your attainable goal, then make it a little stronger. What’s the next level you can take it to that will require a little more effort?

#5 Set happy goals.

While we do need to set some goals that just need to be done, don’t forget to set some that will just be fun. A few years ago, a friend and I made a half-marathon goal. We trained for 8 weeks, entered, and finished. We weren’t a threat to compete, but it was fun and reaching the goal brought some smiles.

Even if you have a micro-goal that can be accomplished in a week, this is the perfect time to set those. With all the bad new or challenging news we are surrounded by it’s critical to get some wins. Create good news in your life by accomplishing at least one happy goal a week.

#6 Set immoveable deadline goals.

Many of our goals are too easy to retarget. We might say we want to write a book in by Novemeber 1, and two weeks out we change it to December, then February.

Set a firm deadline that you cannot move. When we ran the half-marathon I didn’t get to ask the race organizers to shift the date because I wasn’t in shape! It was immovable. Do the same for your goals.

#7 Set rewarding goals.

Whether your goal is a week, or three months, or a year–reward yourself when you finish. Set the reward from the start so you can look forward and anticipate how you will celebrate. Make it something that matches the effort, energy, and focus that your goal will require.

Like the wins mentioned above, for your longer goals you want a significant reward linked to those wins. Just make sure it is a reward that can be enjoyed during these times.

The next 6 months can be different if you and I will just set better goals and adjust to the current life requirements..