I start each day with W3P3.TM

Water – first thing I drink 12-16 oz of water. Our body’s hydration decreases through sleep. This is a perfect first step to the day.

Word – I read a few verses from the Bible to focus my mind on good things and possibly needed changes.

Workout – this varies in structure and intensity. One day could be a wog (walk jog!). Another may be resistance training. I do have an elliptical trainer that I hang clothes on, but I’m pretty sure that does not count.

Protein – Roughly 30 grams after the workout in a drink or bacon and eggs.

Praise – A lot of people are able to begin their day with gratitude or praise upon waking. Personally, I can bring those things to mind a little better after an hour or so of appreciating the day. Often this takes place while working out.

Prayer – This is my final step of the morning ritual. While I am cooling down from the workout, I make a list of things to give thanks for and any requests for friends, family and my life.